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From the Sunday School classroom to the youth building to the main sanctuary, Reach the City is designed to keep the entire church on the same page throughout the entire 40 day campaign.


– Complete sermon series for adults including six fully manuscripted sermons, PowerPoint, and weekly testimony videos.

– Alignment series for children including all sermons, object lessons, skits, videos, games-six weeks of spiritual programming for children that serves as the kid friendly version of what is happening in the adult sanctuary.

– Our exclusive youth campaign called Reach the Youth. Sermons, dramas, outreach events, daily devotions, complete field manual, and sample calendar tying the entire campaign together.

– A six-week video based small group series that will empower your people for lifestyle evangelism. Small group guides Field manuals, 3 promo videos and announcement scripts to help you communicate Reach the City.

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A Life That Wins Book


A Life that Wins is the companion book for Reach the City and empowers believers to make one life changing decision. Author Mike Holt calls this a hinge decision. This book provides a unique journey through the life of six Biblical characters, each of which exemplify a principle of a winning life. The book reinforces the messages pastors will communicate during Reach the City and contains the weekly sermon and small group outlines for the campaign.

This book instills one of our core values into the life of every believer: A winning life will win others, and an intentional life will influence others!

Reach The City Marketing



Customized banners for your church! Most churches have a Reach the City information table set up in their foyer. This table serves as a place to distribute the book, A Life that Wins, recruit volunteers, allow members to sign up for small groups, and so much more. Use these banners as a visual centerpiece for your campaign. Banners can be customized with your church’s name and city! (Banners come with a carrying case.)

Banners are 2 x 5.16-Perfect for a church foyer!

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Commitment Cards


Perfect for launch Sunday. Allow your people to write in their commitments to fulfill the 1-2-3 Challenge! Hand these out at the conclusion of your last service before you start your campaign, or distribute them through your small groups. Challenge your people to turn them in to the pastoral staff. Allow the staff or small group leader to pray over them weekly!

Each $50 Bundle comes with 250 Cards!

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We recommend purchasing bookmarks and commitment cards for your church. They have been very beneficial to churches on their launch Sunday. Believers are challenged to fill out the commitment card at the conclusion of week one’s message or at the conclusion of week one’s small group time. The bookmarks also have a place for your people to write in their commitments to the 1-2-3 Challenge. Challenge your church to keep the bookmark in their A Life that Wins book throughout the campaign!

Each $50 Bundle comes with 250 Bookmarks!

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Invite Cards

Customized invite cards are a great way to empower your church for outreach. The card shows all the key dates for your campaign, including friends and family day, and becomes a great conversation piece between believers and their friends.

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Ask Us About Our Custom T-Shirts!

We sell personalized T-Shirts perfect for your congregation to wear for Serve the City Saturday! Bulk prices include 36 shirts for $15 a piece, 48 shirts for $14 a piece, 72 for $13.00 and 144 for only $12.50 a piece in sizes ranging from Small to XXXL and customized with the name of your city, town, or county for no extra charge!

Email us at with the breakdown of how many of each size shirt you would like to order along with your choice of customization and we will be happy to process your order.

We Build Websites!


Reach the City understands that in today’s world, churches must have a relevant and strong online presence. We can rebuild your site at an affordable price!

With Fluid Technology, your website will work on Smartphones, Tablets, and the Desktop. It’s an all in one version of your website! We promise to build you a website tailored to your needs, with a design that is current and lasting. Our teams work together to produce websites that are sleek, functional, and user-friendly.